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  • JadeCantwell4_LowerNinth
  • JadeCantwell3_UntitledNashville
  • JadeCantwell5_BasketballLevee
  • JadeCantwell7_Bywater
  • JadeCantwell6_CornerDive
  • JadeCantwell8_MississippiNewOrleans

Inspired in part by The World Without Us by Alan Weisman and Jane Jacob’s work on The Death and Life of Great American Cities, the images that make up this work find patterns and traces of life but sit with the stillness of a world without humans. The work engages with the materials, architecture, and space of urban environments – considering what will be left behind once we’re gone, how materials decay and what they might represent. This post-GFC and the post-Katrina landscape is one devoid of the vitality of street life, asking us if these cities are already dying as culture and urban planning changes the spaces we inhabit.